5 Reasons Why Couples Are Obsessed With This 

Libido Boosting Chocolate

With Fertility levels declining world wide, many couples are looking for natural ways to improve their reproductive health. Luckily Kama Tantric Chocolate provides a fun and delicious way for couples to spice up their relationship while also enhancing fertility, libido and overall sexual health. 

1. Powerful Aphrodisiac Blend

Kama is made with the worlds most potent blend of 6 natural aphrodisiacs to boost libido and fertility.

  • Maca

  • Mucuna Pruriens

  • Damiana

  • Epimedium

  • Muira Puama

  • Arginine

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2. Enhanced Performance & Pleasure in the Bedroom

Once the aphrodisiacs kick in you will feel a heightened sense of pleasure, connection, arousal and enhanced performance with your partner.

Different aphrodisiacs create different effects within the body. This is why Kama´s blend is so potent.

Arginine and Epimedium will work to increase blood flow directly to the pelvic region, while damiana and muira puama have more of a cerebral euphoric effect by increasing dopamine in the brain. Then mucuna pruriens and maca work in the background to boost energy, fertility and hormone health.

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3. Delicious & Guilt Free

Not only is Kama Chocolate a powerful libido booster, it also tastes absolutely delicious. With a creamy texture and a natural ganache flavor that your tastebuds will love.

Kama is low in calories and sugar, especially when a single serving is taken. You can enjoy Kama guilt free as we use high quality chocolate and our aphrodisiacs are organically sourced and 3rd party tested for quality.

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4. Formulated For Him & Her

Most sexually enhancing products are developed specifically for men or specifically for women and often times there is a feeling of shame when a man or woman needs to take something to increase sexual performance.

Kama completely changed the narrative as this product is meant to be shared by couples. When you share Kama with your partner it is a major sign of showing your intention that you want to connect and reach a much deeper level of intimacy than ever before.

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5. Boost Overall Reproductive & Hormone Health

Kama is great to use for intimate moments, but it works even better when it is taken as a daily supplement.

Studies have shown that when you take these aphrodisiacs daily over a long period of time it can actually help boost your overall reproductive health.

Things like hormone optimization, libido, arousal, quality of sperm, dopamine levels and mood all play a role in the function of sexual health in men and women and Kama supports all of them at once.

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Doctor Backed Formula

“Kama Chocolate has lit a fire for our intimacy as a couple... This chocolate really brought that spice back and my libido feels through the roof and my husband has never been happier. 100/10"

— Jessica D.

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