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Here's Where The Magic Happens


This shaggy looking mushroom has incredible benefits for your brain and body. Studies have been shown to increase mental focus, boost your mood, improve memory among many other things.


This mushroom that resembles cheetos has been shown to increase atp production in the lungs which is the energy carrying molecule. This leads to more energy, oxygen uptake and better blood flow from vasodilation.


This mushroom is known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”. Reishi can help alleviate stress and anxiety, decrease inflammation and improve recovery among other benefits. Reishi has been used for thousands of years starting from Eastern Medicine. Reishi is also great for improving the strength of the immune system.

Plant-Based Formula

Made with apple pectin, unlike most gummy formulations that use gelatin and other binding agents, Shroomy Mushroom Gummies are fully plant based and contain a base of apple pectin for guilt free consumption!

Organic Coconut Sugar

Gummies can be high in sugar and lead to high blood sugar. Organic coconut sugar is low on the glycemic index, which means it gradually integrates into your system, rather than spiking your levels which can lead to an energy crash.

High Bioavailability

Capsules and powders can be difficult to break down and digest, leading to a lower absorption rate, and not receiving the full benefits. Our formula was specifically designed to maximize the benefits with a tasty, vegan formula that’s easy to consume and digest.

How It Works

The Power of Mushrooms

All you have to do to receive the benefits of these mushrooms is enjoy 2-4 Gummies per day whenever it is most convenient. You may feel the effects immediately, but for some people it takes time. The good news is that there are immediate benefits, but the real benefits are long term and build over time.

Our Formula

Our Gummies have the cleanest formula in the world. Our formula was made from scratch with some of the most talented formulators in the world. There are no harsh chemicals, waxes, artificial flavors, gelatins or bad sugars and it is completely plant-based.

Enhanced Focus and Mental Clarity

Each gummy is packed with Lion’s Mane which has been shown to support neural growth in the brain leading to better focus and memory.

Increased Energy and Oxygen

Cordyceps have been shown to increase ATP production in the lungs which is the energy carrying molecule, this pumps more oxygen through your body and also increases blood flow through vasodilation.

Decreased Anxiety

Inflammation and Immune Boost : Reishi, known as the mushroom of immortality can help combat stress and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels. Reishi has also been shown to decrease inflammation and provide an immune boost.

Gluten Free

Organic Fruit Body Mushrooms

Soy Free

All Natural Flavors


Non- GMO

We Put our Gummies to the Test

We knew that adaptogen mushrooms, specifically lion’s mane, could improve neurological function. But we wanted to test it out for ourselves. We selected two individuals who had never used adaptogen mushrooms before and brought them into a brain scan center called Wave Neuro to conduct an EEG brain scan. They used our gummies every day for three months straight, and then came back to Wave Neuro for a follow up brain scan to see if any neurological changes had occurred.

The graphs above represent the alpha wave activity in the posterior cortex of the brain of the two participants, during both the initial and follow up scans. The orange line is the initial scan, and the blue line is the follow up after three months. Both participants experienced a significant jump in alpha wave activity in the posterior cortex of the brain. The posterior cortex is the part of the brain responsible for planned movements, spatial reasoning, and attention. In the alpha state, it becomes easier to move quickly and efficiently between tasks. Alpha Waves are the brain’s most important frequency for learning and using information. It can also create feelings of being at ease, and provide a calm sense of alertness. Alpha frequencies are strongly linked to good moods, creativity, and peak performance.


  • “I feel like my mind is performing and engaged at another level ever since I started taking Shroomy Gummies daily.”

    - Chris C.

  • “Shroomy Gummies have been a true gift in what it has done for my well-being. I notice the difference soon after I take my morning gummy. Thank you for making the package design so delightful to use, love the lid design, it’s like opening up a treasure box.”

    -Carly W

  • “The ingredients in Shroomy Gummies are clean and simple! Most gummy products have all sorts of chemicals, colors and fillers, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the ingredient panel, and they taste amazing!”

    -Jake S