Our Story


We are an American company based in Southern California that creates innovative health and wellness products using nature's intelligence as our guiding cornerstone. Everything we make should strengthen the mind-body connection and enhance the holistic wellbeing and performance of our consumers. 
Our products utilize unique blends of powerful superfoods that give our consumers a taste of how rewarding a life in alignment with nature can be. 
Adaptogen mushrooms have been used in ancient civilizations for thousands of years to fight disease, increase endurance, boost immunity, promote longevity, and enhance cognition. These same mushrooms, as well as other adaptogens, are at the center of our approach toward health and longevity. 


is the world’s first mushroom extract gummy. Over the past decade, adaptogens have made their way into the western marketplace in the form of bitter tasting powders, pills, and tinctures. Shroomy is the first product (Patent Pending) to create an enjoyable way to consume these adaptogens. Packing 300mg of Lions Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi into a delicious gummy.
is a coffee replacement that keeps your body active and your
mind engaged to produce fluid and functional movement. Root Strength harnesses the power and efficiency of the natural world, the roots of our existence, to give you the ultimate workout experience. Unlike jittery coffee, and high stimulant pre-workouts, Root Strength utilizes a potent blend of nature's superfoods that deliver sustained endurance and focus.