5 Reasons Why Pro Athletes are Utilizing Mushrooms to Enhance Physical Performance

5 Reasons Why Pro Athletes are Utilizing Mushrooms to Enhance Physical Performance

5 Reasons Why Pro Athletes are Utilizing Mushrooms to Enhance Physical Performance

Elite physical performance requires an alert mind, and a body that can move adaptively and efficiently. Competition and sports are equally challenging mentally as they are physically. Many professional athletes have turned to adaptogen mushroom blends for their unique mental and physical benefits. 
Adaptogen mushrooms have been used in ancient cultures for thousands of years to enhance mental and physical performance and health. Lion’s Mane to increase memory and focus. Cordyceps to boost endurance and physical performance. Reishi for immune support.
We caught up with Morgan Hackworth, midfielder for the San Diego Loyal, who has been using Root Strength for the past year, to see how his experience has been. 
“Since using Root Strength Mushroom Pre-Workout, I am for sure the fittest I’ve been in my career. Not only physically but mentally too. On the field, your mind has to be firing also, not just your body. With Lion’s Mane, it’s easier to access that creative mindset that gives you an edge, and the Cordyceps help me maintain efficiency with my breathing, which makes my endurance so much better, and allows me to keep my energy up throughout the game.”  
The mental stimulation from Lion’s Mane, combined with the physical and cardiovascular benefits of Cordyceps has given Hackworth a noticeable boost in performance on and off the field. 
Root Strength Mushroom Pre-Workout utilizes a unique and potent blend of mushrooms and adaptogens to help you perform your best mentally and physically. Get started today. 
Here are the 5 main reasons athletes are utilizing mushrooms to level up their performance. 

1. Mushrooms Can Increase Oxygen Uptake

Cordyceps help your body produce more of a molecule called ATP, which delivers energy and oxygen to your muscles and lungs. The Cordyceps in Root Strength help athletes utilize oxygen more efficiently, leading to more connected and functional movement. Lion’s Mane can increase memory and focus, and even have the potential to regenerate damaged neurons in the brain. The Lion’s Mane in Root Strength provides a mental stimulation that pre-workouts have historically overlooked. 

2. Energy Without a Crash

Most pre-workouts on the market are packed with dangerous levels of caffeine, and deliver quick bursts of intense, scattered energy that leads to a crash soon after. Lion's Mane and Cordyceps enhance the mind/body connection, and deliver steady and focused energy without the jitters and crash. 

3. Focus

Lion's Mane has the ability to regenerate damaged neurons in your brain, and even create new neural connections. Lion's Mane can stimulate the production of alpha waves in the brain. Studies have shown that a burst of alpha waves is released in the brain of athletes during peak performances. The alpha wave brain state provides a calm, alert awareness that benefits decision making, creativity, and focus on the task at hand. 

4. Gut Health

Ever tried to do something athletic with an upset stomach? It's not fun. Reishi and Lion's Mane can protect your gut from inflammation and ulcers, which ultimately aids digestion and improves the gut microbiome. 

 5. Endurance

Cordyceps help your body utilize available oxygen at a more efficient rate. When you use oxygen efficiently, you don't waste energy trying to get more of it into your system. When oxygen is distributed evenly throughout your body, it becomes easier to go that extra mile.